Monday, February 28, 2011

Film Barcodes: The Entire Color Scheme of a Film Compressed to One Image

There have been some pretty cool blog posts lately. This one is quite interesting. What happens when you take a cut of a film, and take a frame from every single shot, compress the width down to 1 pixel and put them all together? Well, you get a film barcode. At least, that's what they're calling it.

The barcode in the article header is for 'How To Train Your Dragon'. At first, it doesn't seem that fantastic, but you've literally got the entire film's color pallet at your disposal. The Matrix's is dark and green. The Social Network's is very yellowed and muted. Pleasantville and The Wizard of Oz are particularly interesting to me because of the sepia/black and white with the introduction of color. Very interesting stuff. I'd love for David Bordwell who covered the Saccade Patterns article I posted, to give his take on it.

Check out MovieBarCode

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