Thursday, February 10, 2011

AP-RED Gives 'Your Milkman' and Thesis High Praise

AP-RED-- In this day and age where virtually anyone can make a film, a time of digital SLR’s with HD video capabilities, depth of field adapters, and cheap cameras with interchangeable lenses, young aspiring filmmakers have a tendency to focus on the gear; how filmic, how cinematic, and how aesthetically pleasing their images can be, rather than the root of all films-- the story.

One filmmaker is changing that and is forging his own path... Read More Here

Tyler Bennet over at AP-RED was kind enough to interview me and do a really nice writeup about the project. I think the article described the thesis very succinctly.

"The thesis is focused purely on the way stories are crafted and how they are told. Skubal draws from the greats, exploring the points of success of filmmakers like Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, Frank Capra and Walt Disney and may other greats based on how they tell their stories. He has also began a road map with considerable evidence, plotting out the interconnectivity of these filmmakers in their films, styles, stories and relationships with one another."

With that said, and something I'm really learning when it comes to marketing a crowdfunding campaign is that you on your own are limited by the breadth of your own social circle. As soon as press and additional sources start writing about it and help you spread the word, your impressions (not necessarily the number of contributors, but just the amount of people seeing it) increases exponentially. If that happens enough, I definitely think a few of those impressions will lead to contributions. So slow and steady wins the race here, but an occasional press article on what you're doing can't hurt! Thanks again for the wonderful writeup, AP-RED!

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