Saturday, November 16, 2013

Getting That Next Draft Done

I've been relatively quiet this year on Living In Cine. It's been a busy time for me; starting a new job, working through several personal projects, moving, and just trying to keep up with day-to-day stuff. Part of what I've been working on has been a feature screenplay called Ten Weeks in the Cuckoo Clock that's now in its fourth draft and I've been stuck here for several months. I'm finding as I go through each draft, I set out on a major objective, and try to correct and inject that objective throughout the script. The rough draft was spitting it out on the page. Just saying everything I wanted to say. Draft one was a clean up— a first pass at correcting my sloppy job from the rough draft. Draft two was purging entire scenes that didn't fit, and attempting to fit the structure of draft one into the sort of "Save The Cat" structure as best I could. After plotting the story out on notecards and really identifying the weak areas, I had my objective for draft three: strengthen the characters. Well, everyone was strengthened, except for my main character who still needed more work. And after having several reads from fresh eyes, the general feedback was "love the world you created, now make a protagonist deserving of existing in that world." So I've sat since then, parked on this idea, racking my brain of how to improve the guy. Sometimes, you just have to take a break from your work and give it some time to breath. Hopefully, you'll forget enough so that on the next read through, you'll be reinvigorated to write again. That's what I'm hoping happens with this. I've got a core idea of strengthening the character, but I still fear that he's a weaker character than he could be. So here's to hoping that a spark of inspiration happens and we get through draft four.

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