Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Geek Wisdom

So pretty much everything I read nowadays, I try to apply it back to my thesis somehow. If a book, song, or film does something well, I try to ask myself what it is I like about it, and try to fit it into the grand scheme of my ideas.

My previous post partially dealt with the unpredictability of (pop)culture. How one particular icon or song can fall into the spotlight and become part of our everyday vernacular, and others with similar value do not. What fell into my lap the same week I wrote that was a book called Geek Wisdom. I did a cover-to-cover read of it in a couple of hours as I awaited my departure from Chicago's O'Hare airport and as I was reading it I couldn't help but relate it back to my thesis.

Disguised as the bathroom reading material that you'd find at your aunt Maude's house, Geek Wisdom offers a bit more beyond just pick-me-ups and words of household wisdom. It serves as a snapshot of pop culture and re-applies the famed quotation back to the very culture that made them famous. There are six chapters that wax philosophical: wisdom of the self, relationships, humankind, conflict, universe and the future. It covers everything from Star Wars to Silence of The Labs.

I'm a bit biased of the book for three reasons. One, because it is co-authored by fellow blogger, cinephile and friend, Zaki Hasan. Two, that I am an utter geek and knowing probably 95% of the quotes proves that. And three, that the book provides a perfect snapshot of the cultural entertainment strata that I am using for my thesis.

Beyond extracting life lessons out of The Dude's affinity for his rug, this book provides a well-rounded snapshot of the last few decade's entertainment and I think it's a perfect setup for a book series that would continue that snapshot.

Check it out yourself. It's available on Amazon, and only like ten bucks!

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