Monday, December 31, 2012

A Gift To Kick Off The New Year

A good portion of my free time this year was dedicated towards reading and continuing my studies in film. One of the best things to come out of this year was a process I've started doing called 'Tone Cutting' which is taking a film, stripping the sound out of it and manually inserting a one frame tone blip at each cut and cross fade. The purpose is to keep your attention solely on the editing, composition, pacing, camera movement and blocking of a film. It's a lot of work and a true discipline to sit through an entire film just watching the technical aspects of it, but it really has been rewarding beyond measure. I've been hesitant to share it with others for legal reasons but it seems as though I can share the links privately with people and still be in the clear. At this current time, I've got 18 films completed, with the help of William Cabral and a 19th on the way. I'm sharing this because it's been so educational for me, and if you're serious about your craft I'm all for having more eyes look at and analyze some of these classic films. The only thing I ask is that you start a dialogue in the chat box about things you've learned or particular scene favorites. And if you decide to share the private album link with anyone, please encourage them to discuss the films as well. I also encourage you to watch a few films on the list you haven't seen first. I got more out of watching these films in a Tone Cut before actually watching them for the narrative. My favorites so far have been The Conversation, The Cranes Are Flying, I Am Cuba and The Conversation. I've got a list of a good thirty films that I'm aiming to cover over the next year but will only continue to do these until I feel I've learned enough from them. There's no guarantee if they'll stay up, especially more publicly offered so I encourage you to watch them sooner rather than later. Happy new year, film geeks. Keep learning and growing!

password: tonecut

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