Monday, March 28, 2011

Fellow Crowdfunder Pulls It Off On Their Own Accord

Several weeks ago I posted an article about how well a Jersey-based musician utilized crowd funding through Kickstarter to fund their tour.

Well, I write to you again about how a young director, Drew Bourdet, and his team are running the whole show on their own. They made a website with all the info about the project and a nice big donate button on the front page. With the story, style and general enthusiasm the site radiates, I couldn't help but get excited about the project.

When asked why they funded it themselves, lead actor in the film Jeramy Blackford said "When considering our budget, we really thought if we can do this on our own, then that extra money we'd give to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo would really come in handy. We can just put our site together in a similar fashion and keep all the funds that have been donated ourself."

I like how they're sort of paving their own way on this. I chose to use IndieGoGo just because it was an easy and reliable source to harbor the information for my film, but there's not one way to do this. If you have the resources to host the same type of thing on an independent site, I agree with Blackford and Bourdet that it's leagues better. My only concern is that people might not be 100% comfortable donating through an independent site, but I don't think that's been an issue with them at all.

With just three days remaining, they only need to raise $500 more before they hit their goal.

"We will be shooting this weekend. Period," said Blackford.

I came across their link on Facebook and started looking at their plea video and the website and got as giddy as a school girl about it. The film sounds like a heavy character piece that puts the challenge to the actors and director to pull it off well. As a director, facing a project such as this one, (or my own for that matter), is a true test of skill. If they can do it right, I think it's a perfect way to show off what Bourdet, Blackford and the rest of the crew are made of.

(Their site is:

Check out the link above and if our production hasn't already tapped you dry, hit that big ole' 'Donate' button and help them meet their goal. I look forward to following the rest of production through their site. Best of luck, gentlemen!

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